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加入 Pinkoi 的福利

  1. 你会有一台 MacBook Air,陪你时髦有品味的快乐工作
  2. 漂亮的工作环境和开心的工作气氛
  3. 我们有个经常会自己长出饮料冰箱,每周下午茶供应
  4. 有瑞士全自动咖啡机,不小心还会发现各国的优质咖啡豆
  5. 我们每个星期一早上有免费外送咖啡,帮你补充满满一星期的能量
  6. 加入第一天即享有年假
  7. 团队如果达成目标即进行薪资调整,每年绩效奖金视公司成长提拨预算
  8. 在 Pinkoi 我们不加班就能完成负责的工作甚至更多
  9. 我们随时都会有好玩的事情和活动
  10. Pinkoi 在做的是国际化的产品、我们也在快速的成长,加入 Pinkoi 你会有最好的成长环境和舞台
  11. 你会跟非常优秀的团队成员一起共事,Pinkoi 每个人都很棒
  12. 办公室地点在台北市,靠近台大医院站、二二八纪念公园,更多你来面试的时候我们再聊


没关系,欢迎来信,附上履历,同时分享你觉得很复杂、很有挑战性,普遍一般人不懂,但是你有深刻专业认识的一件事情,而这件事情可以让 Pinkoi 更好,让我们可以更认识你。有合适者,我们会主动通知。


Business Partner, People Operations

It’s an exciting moment at Pinkoi as we continue to scale and breakthrough our business globally and cross-boundaries. We pay attention to team experience at Pinkoi and strive our best to build an effective workspace, especially the efficiency of facilities plays an important role in cross-region communications, and the well-designed team events that can increase the engagement and morale.

The role will report to People Operations and be responsible for 30% of office administration and 70% of shaping high engagement culture. Your performance will be measured by below competencies and key results discussed with your leader. The role requires an individual who can innovate, move quickly, and not be constrained by how things have been done before.


Shaping High Engagement Culture: The goal is to align company strategy and core values in team events and daily operations to scale team engagement. Responsibilities including

  • Collaborate with regional teams on talent development, workflow alignment and local compliance.
  • Play as the sounding board for bridging teammates’ feedback and initiating improvement actions.
  • Design the team events, recognition programs that enhance cohesion and bonding;
  • Manage guidelines, policies, and practices to sustain a positive work environment and ensure the workflow is streamed, efficient and up-to-date;
  • Design the communication approaches to enhance engagement and morale.

Office Administration

The goal is to build an effective workspace and administration process to help team work smartly and effectively across the regions. Responsibilities including

  • Develop assessment instruments/metrics to measure office administrative performance;
  • Design user-centric solutions/process to scale great teamwork experience;
  • Manage office equipment maintenance, business travel, and contracts: ensure the service is well-delivered when needed, and the office is tidy and well-functioned.

Required Skills and Competencies

  1. 3 years of experience of Office Administrator, HR Specialist or Employee Relations function preferred;
  2. Apply design thinking approach with a focus on finding the right problem to solve, in combination with striving for a deep understanding of the user with the goal to create better solutions;
  3. Challenge the status quo and think outside the box to generate creative ways/innovative solutions to scale effective workspace and HR programs that aligns with company strategy and core values;
  4. Demonstrate the culture ambassador with passion and can-do attitude to build positive and engaged environment;
  5. Play as high committed role with strong organization and priority skills to build credit and impact with good partnership for stakeholders.

Please attach your proposal below questions before onsite interview:

  1. Describe your experience on delivering a well-rounded end-to-end HR service on (a) what challenges you have solved for organization (b) what kind of action you have taken (c) what the result (positive or negative) occurred
  2. “4-Hour Employee Engagement Event“ held at Pinkoi headquarter. Please also explain (a) what end result you want to achieve? (b) How to measure the result? (c) what resources are needed to run the event?
  3. Your career plan in the next 2 years to shape a scale-up organization by your diagnosis of Pinkoi